July 13, 2009

The first Tenacity Notes, excerpted from The Breath and Water Club Newsletter #60.

I became curious about how we come to be embodied. How do we move from non-physical to physical? I have an image of that, but the image requires an assumption — the assumption I mentioned in the April newsletter, the assumption that we are more than our physical selves. You, in your physical form, are one aspect of you in your non-physical form. Today I’ll call that non-physical form “entity.”

So here’s the image. You, as entity, decide to visit this particular dimension, this Earth reality. Perhaps you (as entity) have something you want to learn or teach, or maybe you just want to play here. Eagerly, joyfully, you focus your intent and desire until it bursts through into physical manifestation.

That bursting through is a massive expansion, and that expansion is your life force. Thus, expansion is your natural state.

Expansion fulfilled

You are now both “you embodied” and “you as entity.” The energy of your expansion provides the possibility that your embodied consciousness can be aware of, and can experience, “you as entity.” You can know yourself as both part and whole. You as part can know you as whole — to a certain degree, anyway. In that knowing, much is possible. Your purpose can be lived with certainty, with ease, and with joy.

If expansion is your natural state, how do you live in harmony with it? Maybe that’s what Tenacity Notes will ponder for a few weeks.