What’s In A Name?

Some of you asked me how I came to change my name. Here’s that story.

I happened to accompany a friend to her church on New Year’s Day, 2006. Everyone was given a small white stone and a felt tip pen. The minister cited a bible passage about God giving some prophet a white stone as a symbol of new life, and then she led a meditation about finding what we wanted to bring into our lives in the coming year.

It was the word Sophia that came during the meditation. Over and over just that one word — Sophia. We were instructed to write something from our meditation on our stone. I wrote Sophia. Then I wrote Jet.

Jet came from a meditation I had been doing for a few months. The meditation had to do with a column of light. The light had been gold, sometimes shot through with rose, emerald, amethyst. Lovely. Then one day, actually just a few days before the visit to church, all of a sudden tall, shiny columns of jet encircled me and the column golden light. It was a bit shocking at first, but as I worked with the jet I began to see that it created a structure. A structure within which I sensed immense freedom.

Back at church, since I’d been enjoying working with jet, I wrote it on the stone, too, in a small space in front of Sophia. At home I put the rock on my desk.

Later in the day I happened to glance at the stone and I realized that it had a name on it, and I knew it was my name. There is was, right in front of me. How could I refuse? I accepted the name Jet Sophia.

Soon after finding my name, I received payments in the mail from two people I’d done readings for, people who had never met me in person, and who had never seen my name in print (it had never yet been in print!) Both of them wrote Jet as Jett. Jett is softer, don’t you think? I can be a bit sharp edged at times, so a softer energy is good for me. I decided to use Jett.

Both names, Jett and Sophia, feel powerful to me. Jett is the bold, physical part of me, grounded to Earth. Sophia is grounded in spirit, the wise elder part. Both Jett and Sophia feel well known to me, and they also feel like names I’ll have to live up to. I like the idea of having a name to live up to.

Jett Sophia — a name to live up to.

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