It’s the summer solstice!

The Breath and Water Club started just about 6 months ago. 6 months of breathing for 15 minutes twice a day and drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Congratulations. You’ve created a daily practice for yourself. I know, you don’t do it every day, or you forget for weeks at a time, but you’re doing it. Remember, it’s practice. Keep at it.

The Breath and Water Club was a 6-month agreement. Will you continue your practice? Shall I continue these occasional newsletters? Is there a next step, beyond breathing and drinking water that we should take? Want to take it together? Get in touch. Let me know how you’re doing, what you’re doing, what you want to be doing.

I’ve been hearing from some of you about changes that have taken place in your life since you began this practice. That the Breath and Water practice played a role in these changes is, to many of you, undisputed.

Here’s what some of you have written.

I’m finally pregnant!

My job, which was driving me crazy, which I didn’t think I could stand for another day, is now okay. Not perfect, but good enough. Nothing has changed but me, and that change I attribute to my daily practice of breathing and drinking water.

I’ve taken two big steps in my life—I’m in graduate school and I’m pregnant. I’ve wanted both of these for years. Finally I took the leap.

I got pregnant right away, then I had a miscarriage. Then, because of what I learned in a reading from you, I spent a month during my twice a day breathing undoing the preconditions I had placed on the pregnancy—that the baby be healthy, that s/he look like me, and many others. I made my desire for a child unconditional. Now I’m pregnant again. And now I’m using my breathing time to look at the preconditions I put on all my relationships. I am determined to be open to whatever life presents. Thanks for being so available when I needed help.

Serendipity has entered my life! There’s a way that things are happening, seemingly without any effort on my part. When I look back I recognize that I’m achieving a lot of what I’ve desired for a long time. Sometimes I didn’t know I’d desired it until I achieved it.

My joints don’t ache nearly so much as they used to.

Much to my surprise, instead of retiring, I’ve decided to change careers.

Being cranky has been my curse in life. I have never been able to shake it, even though it has destroyed relationships. Drinking plenty of water and breathing twice a day seems to be the charm. When I neglect my practice, I get cranky with everyone all over again. When I’m consistent with my practice, I can’t imagine what I was ever so crabby about. Nancy, I want you to know that this has changed my life.

What changes have you seen in your life in the past 6 months? How do you feel about your practice? Will you continue? Let me know so I can share your stories with the group.