June 22, 2010

I feel lucky to be becalmed someplace where there is a recreation center with a pool. I swim laps pretty much every day, and I love it. I get into the water, and in no time at all, I’m smiling. I love swimming! I’ve always loved swimming — and that’s how I’ve always said it: I love swimming. Lately, since the disaster in the gulf, I have been intentionally loving the water while I’m in it. And now, instead of saying I love swimming, I say (and feel) that I love the water.

So too when I drink — I intentionally, and with great happiness, love the water. It’s easy to feel happy about water while I’m drinking it. (I seldom drink anything other than water, unless it’s wine, so I’ve been intentionally loving that, too.)

If all water is connected, including the part of me that is water, then my loving the water in the pool in North Liberty, Iowa, touches the water in the Gulf of Mexico. My loving water as I drink it, influences all water, everywhere.

Please remember that your intent can alter the quality of the water. I reminded you of these Breath and Water Newsletter issues once before (March 22, 2010 Tenacity Notes) and here they are again. They are about the influence intent has on our food, our drink, our life. Look them over.

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