July 13, 2010

Here are some of your responses from Tenacity Notes #47 — Eschew Expectations. I invite you to smile along with me.

“That’s impossible. You really pissed me off with this one, Jett.”
I guess I touched a nerve!

A day later, from the above reader:
“On second thought (fourth or fifth thought actually) I’ll give it a try. Grrrrrr…..”
When something stirs up an emotional response in us, there are riches there for us. Never doubt it.

“When I discover an expectation I try to remember this quote from some Al-Anon sisters — ‘Expectations are planned resentments.’ It always makes me chuckle.”
Yes, a good chuckle. And a good truism.

“So well and concisely said, Jett! I’d put up a sign, ‘deep benefit available here.’ We can’t hear this enough… Now, if I can just convince [my wife] about this.”
This one made me guffaw!

” [In] my circle of women. . . we made it simple to remember. It’s the 100/0 rule. You give 100% and expect 0% (nothing)! It works, and it’s easy to remember!”
You could also say, 100% openheartedness, 100% love, 100% appreciation,100% acceptance. 0% expectations. A good recipe!

And several of you said variations of “This is SO helpful!”