First of fi
–>First of all, thanks for your referrals

Several of you have referred others to me for readings. Thanks for that. I’m always glad for referrals. Word of mouth is the way my practice stays vital.

*Your readings have always been beneficial. They have given me good guidance that has helped to reduce stress for me at stressful junctures. You have helped me lead a fuller, more authentic life. I’m glad there is you!

Imbue and Imbibe

The holidays are here again. This can be a stressful time for most of us, and a difficult time for many. Stick with your Breath and Water practice to maintain your balance. Continue to practice generosity of body, mind, spirit, and action.

One of the practices you’re using with your breathing is to decide what energy you want to do your day in, then fill yourself with that energy while you breathe for 5 minutes. Remember? Well, here’s another idea for keeping yourself intact and centered during the holidays. Imbue your water with that same quality.

Just for example, say that I choose “appreciating the beauty all around me” as my quality in the morning. For 5 minutes, I breathe and I feel myself filled with the energy of appreciating the beauty all around me. Then, during the day, before I drink my water, I first imbue it with the energy of appreciating the beauty all around me.

Here’s how: I pick up my glass of water, close my eyes, inhale and feel myself filled again with the energy of appreciating the beauty all around me. As I exhale I direct, see, sense, or imagine the water filled with that energy also. Then I drink it. I imbue the water, then I imbibe it. Imbue one glass at a time, or imbue a larger amount to drink during the day.

Two things happen. First, using my intent and my breath to focus the energy of “appreciating the beauty all around me” into the water actually does change the water. The water is imbued with that quality, it contains that energy. And I receive that quality as I drink the water.

Also, as often as I bless the water, and as often as I drink the blessed water, I remind myself of my intent from the morning to do my day with the energy of appreciating the beauty all around me. It keeps me present to my intent.

Try it. Practice it. Use it a lot.

And happy holidays!

What you’ve said

*The gratitude and generosity practice has made a profound difference in my life. My husband notices the change. Here’s a breathing exercise I use: Breathe in through your nose, a full breath. Hold for the count of 7. Breathe out through your mouth with gratitude.

*Thanks for sending the year in review. It helped me realize that I’ve been getting the Breath and Water newsletter for a year and hadn’t yet taken the plunge. I kept telling myself, “I’m already too busy, I don’t have time for one more thing.” But after reading the last newsletter, I challenged myself to begin the Breath and Water practice. Now I set my alarm 5 minutes earlier in the morning, and steal the other 5 minutes from my getting-ready-for-work time. It’s easy! And I appreciate 10 minutes of intentional breathing before bed, it helps settle me down. I’ve been sleeping much better as a result. And you know what? I actually feel less rushed, not more. Thanks. I’m working on adding water gradually, and on increasing my breathing time to 15 minutes gradually.

*Although I haven’t yet committed to the Breath and Water group, I’ve liked that it is there and that I can step into it anytime.