July 27, 2010

I was reading my Tenacity Notes blog the other morning, reading the past issues. (You know how to find the past issues, don’t you?) I was taken with the idea of impeccability. I was taken with it because, as I read, I had the distinct sense that I haven’t been living impeccably lately. But what, concretely, does that mean? How do I know that I’m not living impeccably? What’s the evidence? I want to recognize specific ways that my lack of impeccability shows up.

To that end, I am attempting to do two things:

One, keep a journal. I have only very occasionally kept a private journal, and I never knew why I was doing it. What was it’s purpose? Now I have something of a purpose — a desire for structure that will aid in my investigation of ways to live impeccably. I can have a discussion with myself about living impeccably, and I can have a discussion with myself about how I’m doing.

Two, a daily, or at least frequent, meditation on resentments and regrets. A meditation during which I will bring to mind old grievances and release them. In other words, I will retrieve myself from my history.

What do you think of my plan?

P.S. By this time next week I should be in Duluth. If you’re up there and want to schedule an in-person reading, call or email me. If you’re in the Cities, or other places within traveling distance of Duluth, think about coming to up and get a reading. Duluth is a lovely, lovely town.