September 14, 2010

Not fair!!

It’s true, it’s not fair.

Actually, there is no such thing as fair; there is just life — messy, mysterious, miraculous, miserable, magnificent, meaningful and meaningless life.

You can look to nature to see that fairness is not a natural concept. Is the forest fire fair to all the creatures who get burnt to a crisp?

Eschew fair. After all, fair is a form of expectation, isn’t it?

Rather than lament the unfairness of life, we are better off meeting life with an open heart and curiosity. Impeccability is to do your best in whatever you’re engaged in — to do your best with life as it is. Forget about life as it should be. I strongly suspect that if you do your best with life as it is, you’ll soon come to discover that life is, has become, as it should be.

Remember that I’ll be at the Duluth Holistic Expo at the DECC on October 2 and 3.