September 29, 2010

You’ve probably heard it:

The End of Days is coming! Stockpile canned goods! Erect a fortress! Lock the gates! Buy a gun! 2012! It’s the end of everything we know!

Maybe so.

I have had occasion to “look” at that whole scenario psychically, when asked to do so by a client during a reading, which by the way is a very rare request, and this is what I’ve seen; a faint shimmer of instability around our Earth.

This instability strikes me as an exciting opportunity.

Think of a person who is grounded, solid and standing firm. It would take a big effort to move that person in any direction. But if that person is unstable, say in the transition of taking a step, just a little nudge can easily change her direction.

So it is with the instability of planet — we have an opportunity now to fairly easily affect the direction our world is taking. Each of us can give Earth a little nudge. All we have to do is know the direction we want Earth to take. I myself am in favor of the direction of love, of compassion, of community and cooperation, of reverence for Earth.

How do I make that nudge? The energy I emanate is the direction I nudge Earth towards.

If the energy you emanate is the direction of your nudge, then you should be very careful of stockpiling food and building fortresses and buying guns. Because if those activities are based in fear, which it seems to me they are, then fear is where you’re nudging Earth to go. Ask yourself: do I want to send us deeper into fear?

Ask yourself: What energy am I emanating? Is that the direction I want for our dear planet? Is that the energy I want for my life?