I have spoken of fear, the fear that results in dire warnings, in hoarding and gun buying; the same fear that engenders the Unsafe Litany.

I have the sense that this fear is related to grief. Specifically, it is related to our reluctance to grieve. Why is it useful to grieve? Because grief is sister to love, and the depth of our grief will expose us to the depth of our love. We turn our backs on grief because our grief and our love make us vulnerable. And so they should — vulnerability is our birthright.

Earth is worthy of our grief. Start with, for example, the Gulf of Mexico. Move on from there. Every neighborhood deserves a wailing wall.

Grief denied can too easily turn into fear — the fear that shows up as dire warnings, as fortress building, and as much, much worse. Grief realized exposes our love, and love can become the ground we stand upon.

Touch the depth of your grief for our dear planet Earth. Let your grief open you wide to the depth of your love for her and all who inhabit her. Let your abiding love guide your actions.