November 23, 2010

Fulfillment has something to do with being impeccable. Remembering that being impeccable means to do my best in whatever I’m engaged in, am I not sometimes acting impeccably when I give myself a little slack?

If doing my best includes effort, self-judgment, comparing myself with others, etc. — then it’s not really my best, is it? I may need to give myself a rest from trying so hard; then maybe I can find out who I’m capable of being.

There is no template for impeccability. There is no template for fulfillment. Not that there aren’t templates offered by various religions and other belief systems; but really, there is no template for fulfillment. Do your best in whatever you are engaged in. If doing your best means going home to put your feet up with pizza and a glass of wine and a movie — then that is your best. Then that is you being impeccable.

It’s not for me to say what is your best. It’s not for me to say what is impeccable for you. The question isn’t what is impeccable for anyone else. The question isn’t how can you be impeccable in the way that someone else is. The question is: what is impeccable for you?

FYI, I’m getting all kinds of reports about the Intention Cards — little miracles, profound insights, synchronicities galore, and just plain fun. I’m so glad!