Responses from the last newsletter

I typically get several responses to the Breath and Water Club newsletters right away. With the last newsletter, the “I am going to die” newsletter, the silence was deafening! Nothing for the longest time, then just one response. Now, three more. Why do think that is? I still want to hear from you. We all do. Here’s what I’ve received so far:

*Thanks for that last newsletter! At first it was quite shocking to hear I am going to die. I never think about that. But it sure puts everything in perspective! Thank you kindly. I am most grateful.

*It’s hard to explain the sense of peace I get when I breathe and focus on “I will die.” And then the joy when I focus on inhaling and on “I live!” The most profound joy. Who knew?

*”I will die.” It has totally changed my life. I am in love with life! I am in love with everyone! It is really amazing. I practice it every day. Nothing is the same. I looked back at the breath and water newsletters since the beginning, and I can clearly see how you brought us along to this place. You have taught us, directed us, challenged us. And now you have led us to the feet of love and joy. You are truly a Wise Woman. Thank you.

*You once told me in a reading, when I was obsessing about some decision or other, “it doesn’t matter. So much of what you think matters, doesn’t.” I thought I understood it at the time, and I did, but I REALLY understand it when I exhale and know that I will die. Thank you. Life is so much easier now than it was before that reading. I still listen to the tape from time to time, and that was five years ago!