January 18, 2011

I had an interesting conversation with a reader. She said that she enjoys using the Intention Cards, and that she picks one at random every morning. She has found the cards to be apt and enlightening.

Then she said this: Looking at the Prosperity Card, after I’d picked it for the third time, I noticed that the energy was moving from the center outward. Funny, but I’d always thought of prosperity as something that would come to me from the outside in. I am intrigued with the idea that prosperity is not outside of me. I am connecting with the feeling of prosperity in my heart center.

If prosperity dwells within, is it resistance that blocks it? If we resist less and allow more, will prosperity be the result?

I said, isn’t it interesting that, having ended up with the Prosperity Cards three times, you have now come to a more profound understanding of prosperity? It’s true, the Intention Cards work — they help to bring about the change you want. They are imbued with the energy of joyful fulfillment.

By the way, I put a few photos of Guanajuato up on my web site. I remain enchanted with the place. You can find them on the Where Is Jett? page. You can also see and purchase Intention Cards on my Web site. And remember, if you don’t like to use PayPal, you needn’t. Just let me know and we’ll use a different form of payment.