Remember, you radiate love from, not to.

Do you remember that old New Age practice of surrounding other people in White Light? It said: Do you know someone who needs healing? Are you having a conflict with someone? Simply imagine them surrounded in White Light. It is easily done.

At the risk of going on a bit, let me tell you a true story.

I know a woman who many years ago did something toward my step-kids that I considered despicable. To this day, should I happen to see her in the neighborhood, I bristle. (It’s interesting to note that bristles have two ends — while they poke outward, they also poke inward. So if I bristle at someone, I also bristle at myself. Say that the inward bristle poke feels like a mosquito bite; imagine what I must do to endure the feeling of a hundred mosquito bites. Imagine how much I must close down.)

But back to Despicable Woman. It would be fairly easy for me to imagine her surrounded in While Light. (God knows she needs it!) (Just kidding.) (Kind of.)

The greater challenge is for me to love her. And remember, love is unconditional. (Ooh, I can barely continue. I am stymied!)

Do you see it? Surrounding her with White Light is about my perception that she needs healing, but loving her unconditionally is about my healing, my development.

How do I love someone who did something despicable?

Good question. To be continued.