January 25, 2011

I am quite taken with the notion from last week that prosperity does not come from outside ourselves, but rather from ourselves; as last week’s reader said, from our heart center. Worth pondering.

Speaking of prosperity, and concerning our discussion of resistance and allowing, here’s what one reader has to say:

“Right before Christmas, I realized it’s harder for me to receive than to give. I said to myself, ‘This Christmas I will open up and receive, as well as give.’ (Jett says, Hmmmm, moving from resistance to allowing.)

Amazing things happened, including an unexpected $3,000 in my paycheck, which I just found out is now a permanent part of my salary!

Then I was contacted by a dear friend who had lived with our family 31 years ago. We had lost touch for decades, but I never forgot her. I recently joined Facebook, which is how she found me. She phoned, and we talked as if no time had passed!

She is now a millionaire, and she wants to fly my family, seven of us, to her home near Washington, D.C. to stay for two weeks and see the sights — her treat. She said, ‘You shared your home with me and now I want to do the same for you.’

After these things happened, I recalled my pre-Christmas intention.”

Hmmmm indeed.

This is my last week in Guanajuato. I remain enchanted, and I’m already planning to return next year.