If love is my path, my next step is surely to feel love for those I cannot love.

Oh dear.

Every now and then recently, I am surprised by a vision of being surrounded by people I cannot love. I stand on my path of love, and I am encircled by these people. Despicable Woman is one of them, of course, but she is certainly not the only one. (Now listen, I know you don’t like that name. Neither do I. And she isn’t a truly despicable person. But naming her such is a nudge for me to get over my resentment and get on with my life and my path. Naming her such shows me how ridiculous my resentment is.)

I haven’t yet identified the others who surround me, because every time I get a glimpse of the situation, I veer away from it. But clearly, in this vision I am surrounded by people I have, in the past and until now, chosen to disdain. And since I am surrounded, there is nowhere else for me to go. If I am to continue on my path, I must address this. I must feel love for those I cannot love.

I understand that if I let go of my resentment and judgment towards them, I’ll be able to let go of my identity as victim — and that is a burden I will be glad to be out from under. It’s a burden I’ve been crawling out from under for decades. This is the next step — feel love for those I cannot love. And if I can feel love for those I cannot love, then that part of me that sees itself as unlovable (as victim) will experience being loved. What’s not to like about that?

And so I’ll stand in the middle of the circle, and face them one by one. I’ll face them and then ???

I’ll let you know.