I know it’s been a long time since Tenacity Notes #229, but things happened.

The first thing that happened was autumn. I was staggered by the beauty of the far northland. Possessed by it. Stunned. I could do little, other than be awed. Then Lena, my feline companion of 20 years, died. While not unexpected, her death was stunning in its own way.

But in spite of all that, I found myself thinking about shame.

Perhaps you know someone (or your own self) who tends to belittle others; someone who is judgmental of others; someone who is arrogant; someone who seems paralyzed when faced with a decision; someone who says one thing but means another — who’s words and energy don’t match; someone who explodes in rage; someone who blames others for their problems; someone who is overly nice.

Chances are better than good that such a person knows shame. I was going to say such a person indulges in shame, but that statement has to wait until I discuss a thing or two I know about shame. Later.