Practicing appreciation isn’t necessarily about looking for and finding things to appreciate. Rather, it’s being aware, in the moment, of the things that please you. Practicing appreciation is noticing those things, and noticing the pleasure they bring you. You don’t have to search out something to appreciate — simply appreciate what is already there.

The breeze on your skin; a purring cat; birdsong; chopping an onion; listening to Bonnie Rait (or Nat King Cole, or…)  making sauerkraut; getting into bed at night; waking in the morning; stars; sun; people; a particular person; smells; tastes; breathing; seeing a tree, a leaf, a flower; taking a nap; reading a good book; petting a dog; completing a task. Notice that thing, and notice the pleasure it brings you.

Then you can notice that one of the things that gives you pleasure is noticing the things that give you pleasure! Take just a second to feel all the pleasure. Receive it!

That’s one way to practice appreciation.

Then, once you’re appreciating all the things in your day-to-day life that bring you pleasure (so many!) you can experience the ecstasy of gratitude. These daily gifts of pleasure! Oh joy!

By the way, how’s it going with generosity?