In Tenacity Notes #191, August 26, 2013, I announced that I had decided to walk the Path of Love. Immediately, there were many delights along the way, joy was my companion in life, and I was grateful that I had chosen to walk this Path. It was easy.

There have been challenges, too. When I am assiduous in my practice, the challenges light the Way as much as the delights do, and I am grateful. But my assiduousness is sporadic, and there are times when I awake to the knowledge that I have strayed and am struggling in the brambles, bereft of joy, far from the Path.

But, and this is thanks to my episodes of assiduous practice, when I do realize that I have strayed from the Way, a conscious breath can set me right. And so I return, again and again and again, to the Path of Love — the walking of which, I continue to learn, is easy when done with daily practice.