Remember a couple of issues ago, I talked about pausing to experience gratitude every time I got in my car?

Well, the circumstances of my life got a bit whirly, and I completely forgot that lovely practice. However, after some time I came to my senses, and I started again. And am I ever glad I did.

Here’s the thing — once I began my car = gratitude practice again, everything changed. Even though it’s also true that nothing changed — the circumstances didn’t change a bit. But my interpretation of those same circumstances changed considerably — and so my experience of those circumstances changed. Whirly-ness departed. Worry retreated. Sleep became easy and restful. And solutions presented themselves to me. Just like that! (Imagine me snapping my fingers. And grinning.)

On a more personal note, today is my mother’s 102nd birthday. And she is just fine, thank you. Still quick-witted, healthy, and relatively mobile. I am very like her, and I’m only 67, so I’m planning on being around for quite a long time yet.

Also, Debra and I are about to join the fall Snowbird migration. Next week we’ll be in Apple Valley, MN for several days, then we’ll mosey on down to our winter home in a State Park in Texas.