3 days a week I work at a computer and wait on customers — it’s my volunteer job at the State Park where I live in the winter. I love it. But the configuration of chair, computer, and counter is awkward, and my body suffers. So I have a new regimen. I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes, and when it chimes I stand up, lift my heart skyward and ground my feet earthward. I take a deep breath or two, and then I get back to work.

I’ve noticed something — I smile when my timer chimes! One reason I smile is that I get a kick out of being a bit eccentric, a little bit quirky. But mainly I smile because it pleases me to be doing something good for myself. I’m proud of myself, and I’m grateful to myself. My timer chimes, and I am glad.

So I thought, why not be glad about other things I do for myself? Why not be proud and grateful when I take my herbal supplements? Why not be glad when I brush my teeth? Washing my hair, doing my laundry, drinking a glass of water — there are many good things that I do for myself that are merely automatic. They could all be cause for rejoicing. So now I rejoice. Clip my toenails? Rejoice! Use lip balm? Rejoice! Take a walk? Rejoice!

And the more I rejoice, the more I want to rejoice! I find myself looking around for something good I can do for myself — drink another glass of water! — so that I can rejoice some more.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!