A reader replied to last week’s Notes:

“Years ago, at the depths of winter depression, I knew I had to do something drastic to rescue myself. I took a day off work (something I only do when I’m sick) and dubbed it “New Day.” I made sure that everything I did was a departure from normal. In addition to altering the little rituals you mentioned and wearing clothes from the back of the closet, I took myself out for breakfast, whIch I never do, to a place I’d always wanted to go but never been, using none of my usual routes. I bought a county map, closed my eyes and pointed to an area, then went there. I visited Walbo, Dalbo and Day. Met strangers. Asked questions. Stopped along the road to explore. Lived new life. It was a wonderful antidote, and the lessons stuck with me. I highly recommend it.”

We are en route. Debra’s job wants her in Duluth by the 11th, so that’s what we’re striving for.