I was reading a novel, and a sentence caught my attention.

“If one followed the well-ordered life, one would start each day with the writing of one’s letters of apology.”

If there is the need for an apology, it shows that there exists an experience that is unresolved. Any experience of mine that is unresolved holds a bit of my energy. No matter how long ago the experience happened, when a situation is unresolved, some energetic piece of me remains there.

I don’t want pieces of me hanging out elsewhere and elsewhen. I want all of my energy present and available to me now. So it behooves me to resolve those unresolved situations. Starting my day by writing my letters of apology is one way to achieve resolution.

So I’m going to give it a try. I’ll begin each day this week by writing a letter of apology. I’m interested to see where it will take me.

Are you game? Will you join me?