Sometimes I find myself wanting to CONTROL the outcome of a situation. Usually that takes some form of OBSESSING about the situation; some form of I WANT TO KNOW! That certainly is not helpful to me, nor has it ever proven to help a situation.

Now, instead of obsessing, I do two things. #1, I feel grateful about some aspect of the situation, and #2 I’m curious about how it’s all going to unfold, both the situation specifically, and life generally. That curiosity reminds me that there is SO MUCH I cannot know!

Really, I can only ever know two things — I live, and I will die. All the rest is just details. And with the details, the best I can ever do is to do my best. And I know this for sure — trying to control a situation by obsessing about it is not my best. Not even close!

My equation for staying sane in a trying situation: gratitude + curiosity = letting go. Or it could be stated this way: gratitude + curiosity = sanity. Or this way: gratitude + curiosity = self love.