My campaign to TAKE IT UP A NOTCH has so far mostly failed. But I have learned some things about myself. Well, not learned exactly, because I have always known, and even appreciated, this about myself — I tend to be oppositional and confrontative. And, which I have known and haven’t appreciated about myself, judgmental. Then I received this reply from a reader, telling me the affirmation she uses to foster her awareness of her effort to take it up a notch, and it woke me up.

“My presence creates peace.”

Personally, my presence, tending as it can towards the oppositional and confrontative and judgmental, does not always create peace. So now I have my guideline, a specific way to take my practice of love and gratitude up a notch. My PRESENCE creates peace — just my very presence.

Oh yes, I see the challenge in this, especially concerning certain racist and sexist people in my life. Oh yes, mastering “my presence creates peace” will certainly help me TAKE IT UP A NOTCH.

“My presence creates peace” is not about being passive. It is an active presence, but it is not necessarily action. How will I do it? Wish success for me!