I lost my footing, and I blame the election — the shock and the dread knocked me off balance, and I found myself falling back into some very negative and very old patterns. Being judgmental; noticing everything that’s wrong with a situation and nothing that’s right; complaining — things like that. Then someone pointed it out to me, and I was appalled with myself, but grateful to have been shaken awake.

Then I got a message from someone who said, “I heard a talk about Buddhism, and they focused on ‘right thoughts, right speech, and right actions.’ I’m tying to follow it.”

Then I got a second message from someone else: “I recall a saying from my childhood that I remind myself with once in a while — if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Sometimes people tell me that Tenacity Notes comes to them at exactly the right time, giving exactly the message that they need then. Well, thank you to those who sent me the right messages at exactly the right time. Exactly what I needed!

Now that I am aware that I lost my footing and strayed into the briars and brambles of negativity, I can get back on the path I want to be on, the path of love and gratitude.

I am very grateful to those who caught me straying, and to those who showed me the way back.