I received several encouraging replies to my most recent Tenacity Notes. They helped me be not quite so unbalanced. And being not so unbalanced, I was able to receive the blessing that came in an email from a friend and Tenacity Notes reader. She said:

The other day I noticed that I say thank you to “inanimate” objects.  After the toast pops up, I say thank you, toaster!  And after I take the clothes out of the dryer, I say thanks, clothes dryer!  After I write in my journal, I say thanks pen, thanks paper, thank you light, thank you chair! And much more….
But I never planned it, or even intended it.  And I just noticed that I’ve been doing it every day, and after I noticed it, I realized that it’s really good for me, for my state of mind.  Every night (almost every night) I write gratitudes in my journal, but that’s more formal and is a way to review my day.  But thanking things as I go, well — I was interested and glad to notice myself doing that.

Maybe it’s what some spiritual people mean when they say: “pray constantly.”

Also, I do have a feeling that the things I say “thank you” to receive my thanks.  That’s why I put the word inanimate in quotes.

Yes! I encourage you to try it.

For one thing, it’s impossible to say “thank you” to the toaster and not smile. And smiling invites gladness. Believe me, thanking everything all day long, and feeling glad and smiling all day long, does a lot to restore ones balance.

Which isn’t to say that Trump and the frightening wing of the GOP will magically disappear or that world peace will ensue. But a balanced person who is grounded in gratitude and gladness is more likely to be intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally available for whatever struggles are to come than a person who is unbalanced. At least that holds true for THIS person!

Thank you, computer.