A reader writes this about wonder. I call it Love Invites Wonder.

I took a couple extra days off this week, and each day I walked around Lake Nokomis.
I love that lake.

Well, the first day, I saw 2 orioles. What breathtakingly beautiful birds, and their song is also striking. The orioles put me in a field of wonderment.

The next day, hoping I would see them again, I went back to the lake. Not only did I see orioles (more this day), but two foxes close by the Lake.
I have never seen a fox in real life before.

The third day I went back, no foxes, no orioles, what, I wondered, can I be in awe about?
Then I began to just look around. But truly look. And all of a sudden the trees became so alive and it felt like the bark was made of layers and layers of dimensions.

Words can not express it.