A few years ago, I wrote a lot about emanating love. I learned something from that practice — one cannot simply emanate love.

One must be in the flow of love in order emanate it. Think of love as a moving, flowing, stream of energy. A surging ocean of it. It is from within that ocean of love that one can emanate love.

How do I join the flowing stream of love? How do I fill myself with love so that I can emanate it?

Gratitude and appreciation place me there. Gratitude and appreciation fill me with love, which then flows through me. I emanate it.

And here’s another sure fire way to stand in the flow of love — hug a tree. Lean on that tree. Commune with it. Mingle your roots with its. Share your hope with it, your joy, your sorrow. Offer it kindness and curiosity. Receive what it offers you, and you’ll recognize the flowing stream of love.

How do you place yourself into the flow of love?