I stalk beliefs. Why? Because by and large, beliefs are limitations. They limit my expansion into who I am capable of being.

What’s the procedure for stalking beliefs? There are many, but here’s a good one: catch your automatic responses. For example, when you make a mistake, do you automatically say something to yourself like — that was so stupid! Catch that automatic response, and unpack it. Follow it to its source. Investigate it. You’ll find beliefs in there, and those beliefs will be limitations. Can you stop right now and list some of your automatic responses?

It’s a good idea to practice the things I teach all the time, especially when life is flowing smoothly. That way, when life is fixin’ (as they say in Texas) to become overwhelming, you’ll have your practice to guide you through.

For example, my wife and I decided that, after 13 years, it was time to stop living full time in our RV. That was the first decision, and the easiest. We made that decision in September. Many, many decisions followed that one, and a few weeks ago we signed a one-year lease on a house in Blanco, Texas. Our beautiful RV is for sale. We’ve moved into the house. We have actually moved to Texas. (!!!)

The whole process has been a bit overwhelming, so I’ve had plenty of opportunities to stay grounded in what I know — breathe, drink water, investigate my automatic responses, stalk my beliefs, dwell in appreciation, radiate love, keep a little smile on my face, be grateful (thank you, toaster), be kind, never pass up an opportunity to be generous, remain curious, be aware of expectations, don’t do anything grudgingly, be glad, embrace not knowing, and the foundation — 15 minutes of conscious breathing morning and evening. And tie a string around my finger to remind me of all this!

I have been more or less successful, but every time I remember to remember what I know, I celebrate. I congratulate myself. I am hopeful.

All these practices and more can be found at my Tenacity Notes blog — you’re reading it now — and believe me, I’ve been perusing the blog myself the past few months! It’s been an important and grounding support for me.

Even though we have moved to Texas full time, I’m still every bit as available for readings as I ever was. Call. Email. Contact me through my website. Get in touch.