A reader writes:

“Thank you for starting up Breath and Water again. It is so exactly what I needed (you have a way of doing that). I felt better physically and emotionally within 2 weeks. Still, it took an effort to stay regular with the practice. Then my daughter told me to do this: drink 4 cups of water immediately when I get up in the morning, then wait 45 minutes before I eat or drink anything else. I was skeptical, but I started it.

Here’s my new morning routine: I drink 4 cups of water right away when I get up, then I set my coffee maker to start in 30 minutes. In the meantime, I have time for my 15 minutes of Conscious Breathing and a few Sun Salutations (I do them from a chair now).

Somehow, adding the extras has made the practice easier for me. Go figure.

I used to get up at 7:00am, just in time to dress and fly out the door for the 7:30 bus. I was always frazzled in the morning. When I returned to Breath and Water, after your last newsletter, mornings became less fraught. Now that I’ve added the 4 cups of water and the 45 minute wait, I get up at 5:30! And amazingly, getting up earlier is better! I have plenty of time for water and Conscious Breathing and a little yoga. By the time I leave for work, I feel rested and grounded and pretty darned pleased with myself.

Thank you, Jett. I know I don’t often reply to your Tenacity Notes, but please know that I relish every one. Your wisdom has guided me for a very long time. Thank you for making my life so rich!”