Imagine this: Your body is the merest shimmer of energy, barely discernible, in the field of pure potential. In that shimmer is the essence of you, the you that is more than just the physical you.

Consider this: Your beliefs and your thoughts, especially your repetitive thoughts, fill in that shimmering outline of your body. Your beliefs and your thoughts created and continue to create the body you have.

Wonder this: What are your beliefs and thoughts that create the physical you? The thoughts come first, the physical manifestation follows — isn’t that what the Masters teach? Here’s an example — I have some arthritis, which seems to me to be the result of certain patterns of thought. I think of it as the calcification of a pattern of thought. What are those thoughts? What beliefs helped in the creation of that arthritis?

Know this: You can return to when your body was just a shimmer of energy in the field of formlessness, the field of pure potential. Use your intention and your imagination. Close your eyes, become a shimmer of possibility, releasing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. In the field of formlessness, what beliefs, what thoughts, will you use to create your physical self? Choose!

Now, it is entirely possible that some beliefs came very early, riding on sperm and egg, passed down through generations. Only return to the shimmer of pure potential, and you can release that inheritance. Choose!