GREED. Think of it as a virus. A virulent, insidious virus. A pandemic from which the world has been suffering for a very long time. But perhaps we can help this virus to decline. Perhaps the more people who heal themselves of the virus, the less likely it is to spread.

There are many symptoms of this virus, and you might want to check yourself for them. Stinginess, of course, is one of the first symptoms that comes to mind. Ask yourself if there is any way you’re stingy. With your money, sure, but not just your money. With your time, with your openness, with your compassion, with your energy on any and every level.

Fear is another symptom. The urge to acquire stuff, another. Judging others as “less than” is yet another symptom of greed. Racism, created as a justification for slavery and oppression, is a particularly ugly symptom of greed. Can you suggest more?

You want to know if you’ve contracted this virus! Pay attention to your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs. Make a list of your symptoms.

Because there is an antidote — generosity. (Lack of generosity is certainly a symptom.)

Practice generosity in ALL ITS FORMS, and you just may save yourself (and help to save others) from the scourge of our time, greed.

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