Following is a list of the titles of the Breath and Water Club Newsletters from 2006.

Recent comments from you about the past two newsletters follow the list.

The other thing that happened in 2006, which has something to do with my Breath and Water practice, is that I changed my name on the first day of the year. Jett Sophia. I’m working to inhabit it.

For those of you (most of you) in Minnesota, I can’t pass up telling you that yesterday, here in Blanco Texas, I planted pansies. Outside! On December 30!

And please remember how much I/we value your comments.

What we did in 2006

#17 The magnificent here and now
#18 Open your chest

#19 Intentional generosity

#20 Balance

#21 I am going to die
#22 A quick one

#23 I don’t know

#24 Comments and insights

#25 Vulnerability, atheism

#26 Lullaby and goodnight
#27 Intentional eating

#28 Reflect, more intentional eating

#29 Connect to your center
#30 Become a master of perspective

Recent comments from you:
*Thank You! On this Thanksgiving Day as I read your wonderful newsletter I can feel myself breathe more deeply and intentionally. Even though I am far from perfect and struggle with that, your periodic words shine light on the beauty of this imperfect world. Thank you, thank you for helping us live our mundane days more fully while we are still here to enjoy them.

*Thank you for continuing to provide us with inspiring information. I loved the story of the woman in the concentration camp. I have been thinking of it when I eat or drink anything.

*You blew me away with Become a Master of Perspective. After years of therapy and even Buddhist study, I came to believe that we have to process our emotions, we have to fully enter them in order to release them. Now you tell me that if I can feel one thing, I can feel another. And it’s true! I don’t have to process anything, I can simply switch! I’m sure that all my years of processing have been useful, but not any more. Now I just need to pay attention and switch. Wow. Thanks, Jett. I love you.

* Connecting to my center has been a wonderful stress reducer for me. And it is so easy! It’s so easy that I can do it anytime at work, and the results are instantaneous. I am immediately relaxed, and I can feel it in my posture and in my attitude. I use it all the time. Thank you so much.

*When I see that you have sent a letter I want to wait to open it at a time when I have time to savor the meaning that I know it will hold for me. And this business about being connected to my center really resonated with me. Thank you.

*”If you can think one thing, you can think another.” I love this!

*I have enjoyed moving from my center, and feeling my body realign itself when I do. I feel like I have the energy flowing from my fingertips, and kind of regal. It’s fun. Thanks for reminding me/us. And thanks for the idea of being a master of my perspective. That is a practice for sure! And as you said, this time of year provides a lot of opportunities. Way cool on you website. You rock, that you figured it out and did it yourself!