Don’t dissipate your power.

How might one dissipate their power? Oh dear, let me count the ways!

One example — you’re driving in rush hour traffic. How do you interpret that situation? Do you say, what a bummer? Do you rant that there’s a conspiracy to keep you from being on time to work? Or do you accept it and chill?

Rush hour is neither a bummer nor a pleasure. It’s just a situation. It’s your interpretation that causes it to be either a negative or a positive experience.

Going to the dentist; getting a divorce; paying the bills; cleaning the house; talking to a neighbor about his barking dog; going to work — how do you tend to interpret the events in your life?

Beware of interpreting them in a way that dissipates your power.

Hone your awareness. Observe yourself. And when you catch yourself doing or thinking or feeling something, no matter the situation, that dissipates your power, change your perspective.

Remember, it’s only you who can dissipate your power. So if you’ve had the thought, I’d better stay away from XYZ, because that person dissipates my power, that’s not valid. It’s the way you interact with XYZ that dissipates your power. You and only you control your power.

Always choose a response to life that enhances your power.

And by the way, what is your power?