#316 Best Version

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Anxious? Bummed out? Fearful? Discontent? Hopeless? Do you ever feel like circumstances are making your life difficult?

When you focus on your situation or your circumstances, you encourage anxiety, fear, and hopelessness.

Rather, focus on being the best version of yourself. In any situation, in every situation, be the very best version of yourself.

Let this be your goal, now and for the rest of your life — to always be the best version of yourself. In every interaction, with yourself or others, be the best version of yourself.

That’s all you need. Let this be the guidance of your soul and the purpose of your life — with every action and every thought, be the best version of yourself.

1 thought on “#316 Best Version

  1. I appreciate the purity & simplicity of the concept, “…be the best version of yourself…” because it does not depend on any external measure of right, wrong, perfection, or anything that would be a ‘formula’, as in, ‘one size fits all’.

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