Even if you’re enlightened. Even if you meditate every day. Even if you’re a happy and optimistic and spiritual person. Even so, “Life don’t clickety clack down a straight line track, it come together and it come apart.” (Thanks to Ferron for the wonderful lyrics.)

So what’s a person to do when it comes apart? You bring your best version of yourself to the situation, that’s what you do.

And that’s the gift of meditating or having some kind of spiritual practice, like Breath and Water — you’re likely to have the presence of mind to remember to bring your best version of yourself to the situation.

Maybe that’s even a definition of being enlightened — having consistent awareness of and choice about your interactions with the external world and with your internal relationship with yourself; using that awareness and choice to be the best version of yourself.

By the way, here’s what one reader had to say about the last Signal Fire, and being the best version of herself: “Jett – Thank you for this. I have been harboring anger and resentment towards a coworker all morning. It’s an ongoing clash we have and it boiled over this morning. I read your Intelligent, down-to-earth, in-depth, and wise psychic counsel and breathed a big sigh to let it go. I breathed in to let in the goodness of the best version of myself. I remember who she is. I needed this. Right now, today. Thank you.”