This issue is late because what I had planned to write kept getting shoved aside by what I am writing, which I resisted. Which is abortion.

But first, how are you doing?

I have offered you many practices over the past year. Imbue and imbibe, intentional eating, connect to your center, I am going to die, what do you know, become a master of perspective, intentional generosity, and more.

But always, always return to the basic daily practice of intentional breathing and water drinking. Let that be your home ground. Let it be the place you return to day after day. Let it be the wagon you climb back onto whenever you fall off. Remember the remarkable benefits you receive from the practice. Let the daily breath and water practice be your challenge, your strength, and your joy.

Okay, now for abortion.

I have to write about abortion because it keeps coming up. Over and again it’s in readings, in conversations, on the radio, and of course on bumper stickers. For example, in conversation with friends, I was asked about what I know about abortion from my perspective as a psychic. They were surprised to hear what I had to say, so I thought I’d better tell you also. Since the majority of my clients are women, I have had many opportunities to “look” at abortion and miscarriage. I mention abortion and miscarriage together because they are often two aspects of the same process. (by “look” I mean to see psychically).

Why did I resist this?

There is a fair amount of rigidity in the culture around abortion. I risk offending people with this article. I may lose readers. I may lose clients. First time readers may get a skewed introduction to the Breath and Water Club. But, as you can see, my resistance was weaker than the insistence I felt.

Abortion is a team effort.

First of all, it is important to understand that the pregnant woman is not the only actor in the decision to have an abortion. And I am not referring to the father’s role in the decision. I am referring to the being (soul, spirit) of the embryo. The decision to stop the pregnancy is most often made by both the mother and the one yet-to-be-born.

Why would the not-yet-born one be in agreement with the decision to discontinue the pregnancy?

One reason I often see, and this influences both miscarriage and abortion, is that the fetus is the wrong sex according to what the being requires. Some beings have a clear desire to embody as specifically female or specifically male. I knew a woman who had three miscarriages. When she asked me about her miscarriages in a reading, it was clear to me that the being waiting to be born to her would only accept a male body. My client got pregnant again soon, and has a beautiful son.

If the fetus is not the right sex, the spirit can participate in the life of the mother in such a way as to influence her decision to have an abortion. And/or the being can stimulate a miscarriage. In other words, the decision to have an abortion is often a mutual decision, mutual between the mother and the spirit of the one yet-to-be-born.

Does the decision to stop a pregnancy cause karma?

Perhaps. Or perhaps it is the conclusion of karma. In a situation I know of, the mother and the being of the one not-yet-born completed a karmic contract simply by being receptive to each other. This woman got pregnant on purpose, yet she had a strong feeling that she should terminate her pregnancy. But she didn’t know why. We “looked” at the question in a reading. As it looked to me, her willingness to be receptive was all that had been needed. The willingness of the mother and of the yet-to-be-born to come together was what was essential. Their receptivity completed their karma. Nothing else was required. The karma was complete, the interaction was complete, and the being of the not-yet-born one withdrew. And so the pregnancy had to end. This mother was aware enough to sense that and respond. Thus the impetus to have an abortion. Had she not responded, I strongly suspect that she would have had a miscarriage. Which is not to say it was an easy decision for her, or one that had no sadness or grief. Correct is not a synonym for easy.

Some beings are so determined to be born that they will beat the worst odds against them. Some are so determined not to be born that they will find a way to terminate the pregnancy, even if it breaks the mothers heart. Then again, some beings are content to follow the flow of creation and see where that takes them, whether through a completed pregnancy and all that follows or through a terminated one and all that follows that.

The so-called pro-life movement has hammered home the idea that a woman who chooses abortion will/should be plagued by guilt her entire life. The pro-choice movement hasn’t done much to counter that belief. Abortion is not necessarily wrong. Nor is guilt an inevitable result. Abortion is a viable option for the team of the mother and the being of the yet-to-be-born one to make.

What I’m not saying.

I am certainly not saying that every abortion is correct or inevitable. We all make mistakes in our lives, and it’s true that some abortions are mistakes. But even a mistaken abortion is not the end of the road for the one yet-to-be-born.

You have heard it said that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. Stopping a pregnancy does not destroy energy. Here’s an analogy that came up in a reading. You go to a bar and there you meet someone. Let’s say it’s a man. After a few drinks and some flirting, he suggests that you go home together. You’re attracted to him, but you decline. You’ve decided that, in spite of the attraction, you do not want to pursue the relationship any further. And so he goes on his way, perhaps looking for another one to fall in love (or bed) with. Just because you turn him down, just because you never see him again, does not mean that he ceases to exist! You go your way and he goes his way. Has your refusal hurt him? Maybe. Has it freed the him to find his true love? Maybe. Who knows? You cannot know that. But you can know that your refusal has not caused him to cease to exist.

Although the situation of a pregnancy and the situation of an interaction in a bar cannot really be compared, it is in one way a useful analogy. Does your decision to end the pregnancy cause the being to cease to exist? No. Does it free the being to find a woman whose life situation will better meet its needs? Maybe. Is ending the pregnancy essential in order for the being to move along its path? Maybe. What you can know is that your refusal to continue a pregnancy does not cause the being to cease to exist.

The subject of abortion is a good one to bring to a reading, whether you are in the throes of making a decision or are dealing with the residual effects of a past decision. We can look at your situation and find clarity and understanding about it. Chances are excellent that you will find ease.