You can cultivate awe.

How? By noticing. Noticing and not knowing.

Notice the flower in the crack in the concrete. Notice the snow on a green leaf. Notice the flavor and feel of salad. Notice the feel of your lover’s skin. Notice the aroma of whatever you’re cooking.

Sometimes, after I wash the kitchen floor, I pause and notice how nice it looks. And I am filled with awe. Not necessarily about the kitchen floor, although it does look pretty good, but about ME. About being alive, being in life, and not knowing what that means; not knowing what or even if there is a purpose to it all. I am filled with awe at life and the mystery of it.

So begin to cultivate awe. And once you’re cultivating it, you can engage this cycle of awe. Experience awe, and exult; be filled with gratitude, and exult; exult, and experience awe.