Do you ever complain?

About the person who didn’t return your phone call or email? About the long line at the grocery store, or the less than courteous clerk? About the percentage of your monthly income taken up by bills? About the government? About an irritating co-worker or neighbor or relative? About the weather?

Regardless what the complaint is about, you can use it as your ally. Every time you find yourself complaining, either in your head or aloud, take a breath and find your way to gratitude. Think of it this way — hidden within every complaint is your ally, nudging you to feel gratitude.

You might call your ally spirit, or your higher self, or your angel, or the divine, or the universe, or your conscience. It doesn’t matter what you call it, just trust that it’s there — an ally, reminding you to feel gratitude.

So complain as much as you want, but use every incident of complaining as a reminder to feel gratitude.