It’s been a couple years since I wrote about the Hug Your Heart breath. Here’s what I said in December, 2017:
“I am frequently freaked out about the Republicans. Wise counsel says when that happens, just love them. But I have found myself to be unequal to that task. What to do?
Then I remembered my Hug Your Heart breath. Hugging my heart allows me to take a step back from the fear and frustration. Hugging my heart, I can feel love for all people, and indirectly, as it were, for the Republicans. 
Even if there were no white supremacists, no misogynists, no child molesters, this would be a good time to practice the Hug Your Heart breath. Because for many people, the holidays cause their own kinds of frustration and anxiety. 
Hug Your Heart!
You can find the Hug Your Heart breath described here:  I encourage you to practice it. I find it to be quite helpful.