Oh, the things I don’t know!

I heard some things the other day. I want to share them with you.

Our sun is a star, around which Earth and several other planets orbit. That is our solar system, and it is unimaginably vast. That solar system is in a galaxy, the Milky Way. There are 100 Billion stars (suns) in our galaxy. At least half of those suns have planets. 50 billion suns with planets in our galaxy alone. 50 billion solar systems. At least.

If the size of our solar system is unimaginably vast, what is the size of our galaxy, with 50 billion solar systems? There’s more. Our galaxy is one of 100 billion galaxies in our universe. 100 billion galaxies.

And this universe is just one of an unknown number of universes.

Given all that, how can I possibly imagine that I know anything? Anything about god, or heaven and hell, or even life and death? About what is important? About my path, where I’m going, or should be going, or even want to be going? The purpose of anything or anyone?

And given all I cannot possibly know, what can I know? What can I do? How can I live my life?

I can know awe. I can know wonder. I can do the best I can. I can be amazed.

I can breathe. I can drink water. I can practice intentional eating. I can know gratitude. I can be connected to my center. I can wonder at my place in the magnificent mystery of the unimaginably vast life of the universes and beyond.

All of which, I must admit, causes me to be in love with everything. Even everyone.

Here’s a Rumi poem.

Remember the lips where wind-breath originated,
and let your note be clear.

Don’t try to end it.
Be your note.

I’ll show you how it’s enough.
Go up on the roof at night
in this city of the soul.

Let everyone climb on their roofs
and sing their notes.

Sing loud!


Then I started building a new Web site, and found out on a more mundane level just how much I don’t know!

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