September 15, 2009

I hear people insist that they must be perfect. I hear them lament that they aren’t perfect. I see them give up trying because perfection is so elusive. I hear them compare themselves with others who are more perfect, who’s lives are more perfect. Then I hear them despair because others are perfect and they’re not.

People believe that they must be perfect in order to be loved. Maybe so.

But how are we to know what perfection is? I remember that we are beings in bodies on this planet Earth. Not only are we on Earth, we are of Earth — we are made of the same stuff as our awesome, perfect planet. And how is Earth perfect? What is perfection on Earth? Expansion, growth, mistakes, change, chaos, movement, destruction, evolution, renewal.

So yes, go ahead and be perfect. Be as perfect as Earth.

Remember, expansion is your natural state.