Assume that you have a Soul.
Then assume that your Soul has a purpose.
Then you can rightly assume that your Soul desires to fulfill its purpose. That desire is an intention that all of creation aligns with. That alignment allows opportunities to arise that will allow your Soul to fulfill its purpose.
Those opportunities may well take a form that is disturbing. Disruptive. Unpleasant. Challenging. Irritating. Frustrating. You get the picture.
So when you find yourself with a challenging situation in your life, assume that all of creation has aligned with the desire of your Soul and provided an opportunity for your Soul to fulfill its purpose. It’s a perspective that will be helpful to you.
You don’t even have to know what your Soul’s purpose is. When you find yourself challenged by life, just ask—if this is an opportunity for my Soul to fulfill its purpose, what do I do? How do I interact with this challenge from the perspective of Soul? I think you’ll find that the perspective of your Soul opens up possibilities you had not considered.