I’m in love! Yes it’s true, I have fallen in love. 74 years old, and I am completely enthralled.

Some of you may know that in the past year I’ve had two total knee replacements. I love my new knees. In fact, I feel about my knees the way you’d feel about a person you’re blissfully, passionately in love with.

One day I was sitting on the couch, feeling the thrill of love for my knees, when I realized that I had never felt anything like that for any other part of my body. From then on, whenever I was suffused with that thrilling love for my knees, I would deliberately spread it out, so that it encompassed all of my body. Such a very nice feeling.

Twice a week I attend an exercise class at the senior center in my small town. “Motion is Lotion.” The instructor is brilliant, in every sense of that word. It is her brilliance that has made the class at least somewhat enjoyable for me, enough so that I keep attending, even when it’s so hot out that I only want to stay in the house.

Then I had the great idea to love each part of my body while we were focussing on it in class. Love each part with the passionate, thrilling love I feel for my knees. My biceps! My core! My spine, ribcage, ankles, calves. Oh my, my heart! Oh, my lungs! My amazing shoulders! My brain! How awesome my body is!

Am I exaggerating? No. Nope. Not at all. Maybe this shining wondrous love will lose some of its glow over time. I suppose that’s possible. But for now, I am blown away by the love I feel for my body. I am blown away by the very fact of my body! What a remarkable thing it is. What fun it is to have fallen in love.