Last issue I asked, “what is your way of thinking of your practice?” Here’s the first response.

I’m glad you asked about our practice! I started practicing Breath and Water when I took your class, probably 30 years ago. You said then that if we practiced Breath and Water every day for six months our lives would change in ways we never could have imagined. I thought that was pretty far-fetched, so I determined to practice Breath and Water in order to prove you wrong!

Then, after about four months of daily practice [conscious breathing for 15 minutes twice a day and eight glasses of water a day. JS]  I was in my morning breathing session when I had a bizarre thought – I should go to graduate school. Crazy! I’d never before given graduate school even a passing thought. I had a job I liked and I was making enough money. My life was good! But the thought persisted.

I have kept on with my Breath and Water practice over all these years, and pretty soon I’ll retire from a career I never dreamed I’d have, with a PhD I never knew I wanted. I’m glad I couldn’t prove you wrong! Thank you, Jett Sophia, for all you’ve given me.

When I sit down for my Breath and Water conscious breathing I declare to myself, “I surrender to the possibilities of me!” And that’s how I think of my Breath and Water practice – surrendering to the possibilities of me. I’m particularly grateful to have this practice as I approach retirement.