It’s all well and good to talk about groovy psychedelic conscious breathing experiences, but I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression — that is far from the norm for me.

Take this morning for example. Our meditation room looks out on the garden. Did I mention that I have an unquiet mind? I sit down to breathe, and I see many asparagus spears peeking up! Immediately, I must go to the garden! Take a picture, eat an asparagus, check to see if there are radishes ready to eat!

Wait, I tell myself. You’ve got 15 minutes to spend with your body, with your self. I pause, and I agree, and I settle down. But then — I used the last of the rice last night! Did I add it to the shopping list? Better look! And so it goes. But I return to experiencing my breath, and before long I’m able to be present, right now and right here, with my body, with the feeling of my breath in my nostrils, with the feeling of my lungs expanding and hugging my heart. I experience the depth and the joy of being me. I am grounded in my body, in my Self. And it’s within that grounded sense of self that I visit the garden and eat a new asparagus spear. Oh my! And it’s within that grounded sense of self that I continue through my day.

You can read about the Hug Your Heart breath here: