Remember that I asked you how you think about your spiritual practice? Here’s what someone wrote:

Staying in the present.  For me, it really is as simple as that. Simple, I say — not easy!  

My meditation practice is all about living in the moment, in the world as it is. When I dwell in the past, remembering the things that I used to do, and now cannot, I get in trouble. When I dwell in the future (The Land of Worries and Fears) I conjure fantastic monsters and disasters that keep me up at night. It’s particularly and head-slappingly absurd when I remember the lesson that has been so often taught me over my seven decades: Most of the things I have worried about never happened!  
What is happening right now? That’s what my meditation practice is all about.  It’s what my spiritual life is all about. I keep falling down but (so far) I keep getting up.

Jett, YOU are part of my practice. And don’t ask me to explain, as I don’t understand it very well!