I have these little notebooks scattered around my life. In them, I record things I’ve thought, or heard, or read. This morning I opened a drawer that I haven’t opened in who knows how long. There was one of my little notebooks! Here’s what I found:
It’s true you were born into a culture of oppression, ruled by predators. But that doesn’t mean your luminosity is lost. Hidden, perhaps. Set aside for safe keeping. Waiting for you in the cosmic lost and found.
In so many ways it doesn’t matter that the predators came for you. They came for us all!
The culture that preys on your luminosity has in fact shown you your purpose — uncover and claim your luminosity. Activate your connection to the numinous. Live your life as your true self.
Yes, a culture of predators did its best to squelch you. But so what? Be done with all that. Focus on your brilliance. Yes, you were set upon by predators. Now, be victorious.
This is not to deny the viciousness of the predators. This is not to deny the internalized messages they gave you. This is not to deny the ruin wrought by the culture that aims to extinguish your light. This is not to deny the seriousness of the traumas you have endured.
Yes, you were unloved. Brutalized. Neglected. Hurt. Discriminated against. Yelled at. Shamed. Yes, all of that and more. Or less. In the face of all that, be victorious! Be luminescent! Claim your gifts! Shine your light!
Let all that shit go. Banish it from your mind. Release it from your body. Be your light. Today, now — shine!
Although I wrote this, it kind of reminds me of Clarissa Pinkola Estés. There was a time that I would listen to her while driving. Perhaps I was remembering her when I picked up one of my little notebooks and wrote this. However it came about, here it is for you. ❤️