You may remember that I am fond of tying a string around my finger to remind me to pay attention to something. Well, a reader has a much better idea. She recently purchased the 3 new Intention Cards, and the Allow card, with the image of a sailboat, pleased her greatly. She propped the card next to her bed, which was good, but she wanted to be reminded to Allow often during the day. So she took a picture of the card with her cell phone and put it as the wallpaper on her phone. What a brilliant idea!

My spouse is thinking more seriously than ever about retiring, and I have been more uneasy about it than I’d imagined I would be. So I took a picture of the Life As Adventure card and put it up as the wallpaper on my cell phone. It was great to be reminded, every time I used my phone, that life is an adventure. When I saw that image on my phone, I would relax a tension that I didn’t even know I was carrying. And without that tension, I can truly know that life is an adventure.

As is true with all adventures, life has it’s scary moments. And it’s blissful moments. And it’s hard-work moments. And it’s awe inspiring moments. But if I forget that I’m on an adventure, I can miss pretty much everything but the scary parts.

Every morning I pick an Intention Card at random. In the past, I would sometimes tie a string around my finger to remind myself to pay attention to that quality during the day. Now when I pick a card in the morning, I put it as the wallpaper on my phone!

The image is more than just a reminder — there is something about the image that draws me into the energy of the concept in a way that a string never did. One image is worth a thousand strings!

What’s your wallpaper today?